Craig Pellow

Director - Livestock & Rural Property Sales | Licensee

About Craig

An extremely passionate and dedicated person. Craig prides himself on intimately knowing the local market and making that knowledge work for vendors and buyers alike.

Since opening the doors of Ray White Rural Temora (now QPL Rural) in 2010. Craig has received enormous support from the local and regional community and is extremely motivated to continue to grow the business into the best real estate/stock and station business in the region.

Craig believes in being open and honest in all his dealings, from initial introduction through to the close of a sale. This approach has gained him the mutual respect and trust of many clients over the years. Under his leadership style, the business is set to build on the growth of the past few years and service a rapidly increasing market share.

So extensive is Craig’s network of contacts, so intimate his knowledge of the local area, that many of his sales are not even advertised – they are negotiated directly between Craig, the vendor, and buyer. Only someone with Craig’s experience, approach, and genuine understanding could inspire that kind of trust and achieve those kinds of results.

There are very few leaders in the Rural livestock and property markets in Southern N.S.W. Craig is undoubtedly one of them. Satisfied clients commonly cite his finely tuned negotiation skills as the key to the successful sale or purchase of their livestock or properties. His simple philosophy is that it’s the smaller details that can make all the difference.

Craig’s experience with and knowledge of livestock particularly sheep is amazing; he holds the highest level of assessment qualification of livestock with Auctions Plus.

When asked about this exceptional track record of delivering results for his clients, Craig puts it down to, effective communication, client trust, knowledge of his clients , an understanding of their business and the ability to motivate buyers in a challenging market.