Founded by two brothers, Graham & Martin Gilmore of Tattykeel Australian Whites, Margra Lamb presents superior meat eating qualities. The Margra Brand is pure Australian White, based purely off Tattykeel genetics. Extensive research with James Cook University, has explored that Margra Lamb has a low-fat melting point (28-24 degrees), micro-marbling and higher levels of Omega 3! Margra lamb is incredibly tender with incredible flavor! 

Margra eligible Australian White Lambs are currently being processed at Wagstaff in Cranbourne, Victoria, with fortnightly kills currently in action. QPL Rural proudly procures all of the lambs for the Margra brand.

Branded Australian White Lamb

Backing Aussie White Producers

With now two Australian White branded lamb chains, “Margra” & “ALBA” established, Australian White producers are supplying a premium market! With the establishment of “Margra” lamb in 2020 & “ALBA” lamb in September 2022, with the first production in November 2022, numbers have continued to build supporting Australian White producers from as far north as Cunnamulla QLD & as far south as Timboon, VIC.

Margra is now successfully processing 800-1000 high quality lambs per month, with the goal to considerably increase these numbers in the next 6-12 months, supply pending. ALBA, originally killing 400 per month, has now grown to 1600-1800 lambs per month, with the goal again, to increase numbers in the next 6-12 months.

Through the introduction of these branded lamb chains, Australian White producers are able to receive a premuim for the product they’re producing. The Australin White is a superior article both on the hoof and hook, therefore, it is important that producers are rewarded for their quality products.