Branded Australian White Lamb

Backing Aussie White Producers

With now two Australian White branded lamb chains, “Margra” & “ALBA” established, Australian White producers are supplying a premium market! With the establishment of “Margra” lamb in 2020 & “ALBA” lamb in September 2022, with the first production in November 2022, numbers have continued to build supporting Australian White producers from as far north as Cunnamulla QLD & as far south as Timboon, VIC.

Margra is now successfully processing 800-1000 high quality lambs per month, with the goal to considerably increase these numbers in the next 6-12 months, supply pending. ALBA, originally killing 400 per month, has now grown to 1600-1800 lambs per month, with the goal again, to increase numbers in the next 6-12 months.

Through the introduction of these branded lamb chains, Australian White producers are able to receive a premuim for the product they’re producing. The Australin White is a superior article both on the hoof and hook, therefore, it is important that producers are rewarded for their quality products.