Gretchen Tenebro

Sales Assistant

About Gretchen

A passionate, ambitious, and goal-driven young lady born and raised in the Philippines, Gretchen is someone who has an unwavering determination to do well in her job. A modest, but highly competitive team player who consistently sets goals not just for her growth but for the well-being of the group.

Gretchen is a licensed professional teacher and events freelancer. She has worked as an admin in a university cultural office for two years. Her passion for music and news drove her to serve the media for three years while finishing her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Negros College, Inc., then began her career in the BPO industry thereafter.

Being part of the QPL team since 2018, Gretchen takes pride in meeting challenges and executing difficult tasks without the need to be micromanaged. She specialises in creating booklets, window cards, flyers, advertisement modules, short videos, data entry, checklists, reports, social media posting, and many others. With her ability to multitask, she keeps most of her tasks on track by meeting deadlines.

Gretchen usually spends her spare time writing stories, travelling, taking Tiktok videos, and a lot more. She has a deep love for animals and a strong belief in the ability of women to change the world.