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Want to know more about selling real estate in Coolamon, Leeton, Temora or Narrandera? Here are QPL’s most commonly asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The team at QPL offers a comprehensive sales and advisory service in all aspects of the real estate sales process in Coolamon, Narrandera, Leeton and Temora.

Simply put, it is our responsibility to ensure our clients enjoy the sales journey, knowing that their best interests are being served throughout the process.

We take the time to make sure everything is taken care of. Our long-term clients return to us because we deliver on our promises and responsibilities to the highest of standards.

Take a look at some FAQ to help you start your property sales journey. 

Selling Your Property

Property Sale FAQs

How much is my property worth?

The value of real estate in Coolamon, Narrandera, Leeton and Temora depends on a number of factors including its size, location, style and condition as well as buyer demand and recent sale prices in the area.

Why choose QPL Real Estate to sell your Property? 

Let us show you the MONEY!

Isn’t this what every homeowner wants to hear? You simply want the best price in the quickest time possible, with no frustrations along the way.

This is exactly what we are here for! QPL is known for putting more money into sellers’ pockets, with less stress!

Buying or selling a home, block of land or investment property is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make (involving one of your biggest assets) and naturally, you want the best possible outcome.

You’ll also want sound advice you can trust and discreet professional service you can count on.

Once you get to know us you will discover we are not just another real estate agency…..we pride ourselves on being different in many positive ways that give our clients a significant edge when buying or selling.

How long will it take to sell my home?

This depends on current market conditions and buyer interest but we can assure you we apply simple but highly effective marketing and leverage our extensive network of contacts to ensure more genuine and qualified buyers inspect your home. This saves time and results in a faster sale.

What makes a successful, faster home sale campaign? 

We have five key Philosophies that we believe are vital to delivering a successful sale. We think following these guiding principles allows us to set each client’s property apart from the competition.

  1. Our role is not just to sell your property. It is to deliver a premium price when you sell your home in Coolamon, Narrandera, Leeton and Temora.
  2. The best price is invariably achieved within the first 30 days of entering the market. We focus all our resources on achieving a premium price within that period.
  3. There are three key elements to delivering a premium price. They are generating more buyer inquiry, engaging the buyers at an emotional level and creating competition.
  4. Most record and premium prices come from out of area buyers. Seeking potential real estate buyers who are not in the local area is key.
  5. The details really matter. We ensure all elements of your property are attended to before entering the market, and we sweat the small stuff on your behalf.

How will you sell my home?

During our time selling real estate in Coolamon, Narrandera, Leeton and Temora, we have developed a sales system that has proven to be very effective in this market. It requires focus on several elements that our team believes are vital to the success of any sale. 

The elements that are most important are:

  1. Identifying the price range that the strongest buyers will see the property within.
  2. Identifying any items that may cause concern to buyers and dealing with them from the outset.
  3. Recognising the four buyer behaviours and knowing how they relate to your property sale.
  4. Conducting Open inspections that work best for you and the property, to maximise buyer viewings.
  5. Choosing a marketing campaign that reaches all possible local buyers, as well as pinpointing potential passive or out of town buyers.
  6. Maximising price with competition. It is no secret that everybody wants what someone else wants. Creating that competition and urgency maximises offers.
  7. Negotiation – Agents who are not skilled negotiators are not doing the right thing by owners. Finding a buyer is only the first stage. The second stage, which few agents do properly, is getting the buyer to pay their maximum price.

All our agents are trained continuously through the Pittard training systems from their first day on the job. That training is nationally recognised and helped us to be named Most Improved Agency at the 2018 Australasian Real Estate Awards. 

Who will help me sell real estate in Coolamon, Narrandera, Leeton and Temora

QPL has four offices. When you contact us, you will be connected with a real estate agent who is based in your area. 


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