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Your investment property has the potential to help you build a financially secure future but it needs to be carefully managed to deliver the returns you are hoping for. 

At QPL, we act as your partners, ensuring your investment is taken care of so you can maximise its value, without the stress.  

Take a look below to see the specific services we provide to help you achieve your goals as a property investor. 

Repairs & Maintenance

One of the biggest challenges of owning an investment property is putting your life on hold every time something goes wrong. 

When you sign up with QPL, your property manager will take calls from your tenant and respond accordingly.

Your property manager can also arrange routine maintenance like mowing lawns, cleaning the pool and preventing small issues from getting out of control.

Our well-connected, experienced team has a database with vendors and contractors who complete quality work at a fair price. 


Find out more about our services or start the process to make the switch to a reliable property management team today. 

Property Inspections

QPL will check in regularly with your investment property so you know it is being looked after. 

We use Inspection Express to produce a detailed report with hundreds of photographs, so you can check in at any time and see exactly what condition the property is in. 

Once a new tenant moves in, we inspect the property within the first three months, thereafter we inspect on a 4-6 month basis.

As the owner, you are invited to attend these inspections.

Finding and screening tenants

Good tenants are worth their weight in gold because they stay for longer and treat your home like it is their own. 

Our property managers follow a strict process when selecting tenants to check their suitability, then make sure they feel supported while they live in the home. 

When we screen tenants, we check the following: 

  • Identification
  • Income verification
  • National Tenancy Database
  • References

You also have final approval of the tenant who moves into your home. 

Payments & Financial Records

Forget waiting for monthly rental payments. QPL gives you the option to receive weekly or fortnightly payments so you can manage your mortgage responsibilities. 

You can also rely on us to pay outgoing expenses such as strata, water and council fees. 

We will share detailed financial records with you at tax time so you can work with your accountant to claim deductions. 


This is how we support your journey as a property investor

We share impressive property listings and carefully check all applicants for suitability.

The terms of lease protect you and your tenant, and mitigate the risk of disputes.

Happy tenants stay for longer. Our property managers are friendly and responsive. 

Your investment property needs to stay in good condition to maintain its value. Let us take care of inspections and maintenance. 

Over time, it may be possible for your home to be cash flow positive. We will work with you to achieve this.

Our relationship is ongoing; you won’t only hear from us when there is an emergency as we take a proactive role in supporting you as a property investor


One of the things that many investors find daunting is a lack of knowledge or experience when it comes to real estate law. 

New regulations are constantly coming into effect, and staying up to date can be a full time job. 

Our professional property managers are experienced with landlord-tenant law and able to navigate the various

complexities to make sure you stay on the right side of it.

The last thing you want is a dispute with your tenants. Working with QPL will help you avoid this situation. 


Our experienced property managers know the market and are familiar with that sweet spot: the amount of rent you can realistically charge without risking longer vacancy rates.

Talk to us today about the yield you can generate for your investment property, or check our rental calculator to get started. 



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